Playbooks Solution for Accounts and Opportunities

Playbooks not only allows for easy prospecting with contacts and leads but also provides dynamic engagement with Accounts and Opportunities. This means that Sales, Marketing, and CS teams can benefit from the same platform used for prospecting Leads. As Account Based Selling (ABS) and Account Based Marketing (ABM) motions become more widely adopted, it becomes increasingly important to have a Sales Engagement Platform that remains consistent across all use cases within the sales funnel, and that critical activity and progression data get written back to the CRM.

James Allen, XANT Account Executive, dives into some use cases that demonstrate where Playbooks has helped to drive customer and prospect engagement from the Account and Opportunity record. He’ll also discuss what this means for managers and operation teams in terms of reporting.

This video is recommended for anyone that uses Account and Opportunity records including users, managers, Playbooks Administrators, and Play Committee members.

Time to complete: 15 minutes