Cadence, Email, and Voicemail Best Practices


There is an art and science to Play creation. Best practices driven by data provide the science and you provide the art as you weave those best practices into your sales process. In this lesson, we will explore best practices that relate to cadences, emailing, and voicemail. You’ll incorporate these best practices into Plays, which will be discussed in the next lesson.

Consider Your New Hires & Changing Go To Market Strategy

As you start to think about your sales cadences, consider the newest member of your team. Playbooks has helped to improve sales rep “time to contribution” with the use of well-structured cadences that include content and details all within arm’s reach. This gives new reps the diving board and floaties they need to jump right into the sales process without drowning.

Even the most seasoned sales reps can become frustrated when they join a new team or start to sell a new product without the tools they need like email templates, marketing assets, etc. After all, they were hired for their ability to sell not create messaging. Use Playbooks to help roll out your next new product or service.

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