International Dialing

XANT supports the global dialing needs of its customers by providing strategically placed dial centers around the world. This allows for better call quality, faster connection times, and redundancy in case of local carrier outages.

Originating Call Location

It’s important to understand that the Agent Phone Number (aka station phone number, DID) determines what dial center the Agent and Client Leg will be connected to for a call. The closest dial center to the Agent Phone Number will be chosen.

As an example, a Playbooks user in Germany makes a call to a prospect in Singapore. The Dublin Dial Center is closest to Germany so it will originate the Agent Leg call to the user in Germany. When the user answers the incoming call to establish the Agent Leg, the “200 OK signal” must return back to the dial server in Dublin indicating that it can now initiate the Client Leg. The Client Leg is then built and sent from the Dublin dial center to the prospect in Singapore.  

Why can’t the Client Leg be built and sent from the Singapore Dial Center? It’s closer. It may seem like the Agent and Client leg are two separate calls, but never forget that a single call requires two legs that must be joined together.

Dial Center locations are added as needed to support our customer’s dialing trends and minimize long traffic routes. Generally speaking, the longer a traffic route, the more hops a call must take through different phone carriers, which ultimately means a delay in audio and call quality degradation.


International Calling Costs

The majority of calls made through Playbooks originate and terminate in the United States and Canada and as such we’ve established beneficial carrier relationships in North America in order to pass on the savings to our customers. However, we do have competitively priced International Dialing bundles that can be applied to a customer’s contract with pre-negotiated international pricing. Alternatively, a customer can proceed with metered billing to be paid in arrears for the occasional International dial.

Managers should consult with their Billing Admins/Playbooks Admins to understand their current contract and pricing. Or they can speak with their Customer Success Manager to understand the costs of different calls around the globe. They should then advise their teams on what countries should not be dialed.

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