Prioritizing Inbound Leads


Our Lead Response Management 2021 research revealed that 77% of leads were not responded to at all. We don’t know why so many leads were left on the table; it could be a capacity, quality, process, or coaching issue. But it is a really interesting data point to keep in mind as you optimize your response time because it points to a need for prioritization.

Do I need to follow up with every lead within 5 minutes?

It depends on the type of lead. If it’s a demo request then yes, you should try to respond within 5 minutes. It is a great insertion point for a seller! If that isn’t possible with your current team size, tools, and processes then you’ll need to refine the qualifications further and prioritize those records at the top so you can meet that 5 minute deadline. (Later in this course, we’ll discuss how to use Immediate Response features in Playbooks to serve those prioritized records up hot.)

What about the leads that didn’t make it into the top “5-minute” bucket?

Developing a strategy for other types of leads is also important in order to avoid missed opportunities as well as providing baselines and goals to shrink the response time through strategic changes to your processes, tools, team capacity, and coaching. Thoughtfully consider a strategy for Active Leads, Passive Leads, and Batch Leads.

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