Speed to Lead Self-Evaluation

If you are starting the think about your own processes and prioritization, that’s GREAT! This next section should give you more to think about in terms of immediate response and persistence. Download and complete the Speed to Lead Self-Evaluation Worksheet to identify areas for improvement. This will also help to provide a baseline for selling and operation teams as they set and achieve goals for improvement.

Secret Shopper

What do prospects experience when they demonstrate interest in your products and services? The best way to answer that is to experience it yourself. Submit a web form or call into your sales hotline and see what happens. You may need to work with your Sales Operations team to setup a proper test. If that doesn’t work, audit a couple lead records that have been through the process. Look at the Activity History and map out a timeline from creation to first contact, second contact, etc. Listen to call recordings, view email content and note the date and times of responses.

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