Cadence Best Practices


There is a lot of buzz, research, and hyperbole out there about sales cadences. Sometimes we encounter sales reps who have a “personally proven” cadence and will stand before a federal judge to vouch for its success. But more often we encounter sales managers and sales operations teams that are looking for new ways to invigorate their sales process.

Watch the quick video below as we dissect the six elements of sales cadences that a Play Maker should keep in mind as they create Plays.

We covered a lot of ground in that video. If you’d like to know more about the research used, check out the materials tab above.


Manager Tip: View the video above in your next team meeting as a training or conversation starter to sales cadences. Discover what best practices your team agrees or disagrees with. Make it collaborative by taking quick polls. Sales rep buy-in is important to Playbooks adoption; and if reps feel they’ve been part of the building process they are more likely to be excited about the changes.