Countries & Numbers Not Supported

There are some countries that Playbooks will not dial out to. It might be because it is cost-prohibitive due to the lack of adequate telephony infrastructure (and most likely also a poor call quality experience), or for legal reasons like international sanctions.

If a Rep encounters a phone number from one of these countries, they will be alerted within Playbooks with an error message: Playbooks does not allow calls to restricted countries. The rep will then need to dial the number directly from their phone (not using Playbooks) and log the call manually in CRM. Specific requests to enable calling to these countries can be handled by your Customer Success Manager, however XANT reserves the right to decline these requests.

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Some countries have their own restrictions on what calls can be connected or what Caller IDs can be presented. This mostly applies to the APAC region. As an example, if calling a prospect in Japan from France and your Caller ID is set to Local Presence, the local Japanese carrier will allow the call to go through, but it will not display the Local Presence Caller ID. It will simply say “Unknown”. For details and impacted countries view this Help Center article.

Premium Rate / Shared Rate Numbers

Premium rate numbers are phone numbers typically used to provide information, customer support, or entertainment on a shared-cost basis, such as +1-900 numbers in the US and +449 numbers in the UK. They are described as ‘premium rate’ because they are far from cheap to call. This means that the callers are charged a higher per-minute rate on their phone bill which can be upwards of $1 or more per minute.

Shared cost service numbers are similar to premium rate numbers, but instead of all the cost going to the caller, the cost of the call is split between the caller and the organization they are calling. Typically, these types of numbers are used for support.

You can authorize your account to have the ability to call premium and shared numbers by connecting with your Customer Success Manager to get current rates and details. Extra terms and costs may apply.

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