Create and Document Your Play Strategy


The best Play and automation strategies work in concert with your Sales Process. Now is the time to design, build, and document your masterpiece using the Playbooks Strategy Worksheet.

First, map out your sales process as described in the fourth Robot video (Robot Strategy).

Next, download the Playbooks Strategy Worksheet and complete for your company/team. Put thought into what sellers should do for all possible outcomes of the interaction.

You are off to a great start becoming a Master Play Maker! In your tool belt you now have:

  • Knowledge of best practices covered in Lesson 1
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to create a Play in Lesson 2
  • In-depth training on Robots in Lesson 3
  • And now, a completed Play Strategy worksheet

But just in case you still have an empty Playbooks Strategy worksheet in front of you, we’ve got 7 cadences to help get you started…and the .play files! Grab those from the Materials section of this topic at the top of the page.

Download: Playbooks Strategy

Download: 7 Sales Cadence Templates

Download: Play Files