Email Best Practices


Emailing is a major part of sales cadences, and we want to help you get it right the first time. After all, did you know that the typical office worker receives an average of 121 emails each day! Using email best practices will help you to grab attention, avoid spam filters, and find the balance between email and other forms of communication. Resist the temptation to become an email marketer and find a way to use email as just one of the tools in your prospecting tool belt.

In the video below, we explore email best practices that apply to sales cadences.

Next Steps: 

Start to gather examples of emails used in your sales process. Track down marketing assets like ebooks and whitepapers. Play creation goes much smoother if you have these resources prepped and ready to go. You can even create the email templates ahead of time and reference them during Play creation. Check out the materials tab for a video on how to create email templates.