Robot Actions and Testing

The video and topic below detail the actions a Robot can complete (up to two) once the correct records have been identified. It also describes how and why a Robot should be tested before clicking the Save button.
The video also describes how a Robot can be triggered (with Salesforce Workflow Rules) to fire immediately instead of waiting for 10 minutes.

Below is a summary of configuration details for each Robot action.

Robot Action Additional Configuration
Remove from Playbooks
  • Identify field and value
  • Will also remove the record from the Play
  • Changes Playbooks Play Status to “Unenrolled”
Attention Required Notification
  • Specify the notification message to pop-up
  • Maximum of 80 characters
  • Message appears in Desktop Notification and Playbooks Alerts
  • Record can be accessed by clicking the Playbooks alert
Update CRM Field
  • Identify the field name and static value to update
  • Date and formula fields are excluded
Add to Play
  • Identify the Play Name
  • If record is currently enrolled in a Play, this action will unenroll and move to the Play specified.
  • Additional option to Reverse the Action
  • When reversing Play enrollment, the Playbooks Play Status field will be updated to “Unenrolled”. To track Play success, a task report can filter for the Playbooks Step Success checkbox.
Remove from Play
  • Removes the record from the current Play
  • Updates the Playbooks Play Status to “Unenrolled”
  • No additional configuration is required.
Mark Successful
  • The “Playbooks Step Success” checkbox on the last completed Play step activity will be marked.
Repeat the Action
  • Any action above can use the Repeat Action setting.
  • Without this setting turned on, a record will only qualify for a Robot once.


Caution: As soon as you click SAVE, the Robot will be active. You should test and take precautions identified in the video above before saving in order to avoid disruption to Playbooks users.